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The youth of the DRC is undoubtedly the FUTURE of this nation and should as such be trained to meet the challenges facing the country. D.R Congo has 80 million hectares of arable land of which only 10% is cultivated, making the country the second largest in the world in terms of arable land available after Brazil

It is with this enormous potential and the absence of motivation and lack of interest of the youth to agriculture that pushed HPP-Congo to launched the project of Young Farmer Clubs of South Ubangi and Kongo Central . But in this article is just about Young Farmers Clubs Sud-Ubangi project (CJFSU).

Gathered in 56 clubs of 25 members each, 1400 young people from Bongolonga, Mulungu, Boyasemawi, Boyasegbakole, Boyambi and Fulu-Kolongo villages on the Gemena-Karawa road and located between 19km and 35km from the city of Gemena are the beneficiaries of the project. Young Farmers Clubs Sud-Ubangi started in December 2017 and will be completed in May 2019.


The project aims to equip young people in rural areas with the knowledge, practices and motivation to implement a truly productive and sustainable agriculture. This capacity building focuses on new farming techniques, the basic processing ways of agricultural crops, the techniques of selling their products in group and the protection of the environment. These young people are also trained on the application of good hygiene and sanitation practices and good nutrition.



In a non-exhaustive way the following results were achieved by the project:

154 young illiterate learnt to read, write, count and perform basic mathematical operations thanks to the literacy courses offered in 4 learning centers created by the project to enable these young people to be able to participate actively to activities implemented.



50% to 400% increase in the yield per hectare of Mais, Peanut, Cowpea, Cassava, Rice and Soybeans and 55% at least for vegetables such as Aubergine, Morel, Spring onion, Okra and Amaranth.


In order to allow these young farmers to diversify their sources of income and especially to promote the revival of the coffee sector, HPP-Congo has created coffee nurseries in the 6 villages.



These young people also received knowledge on financial education and to date, 52 clubs have savings banks.

37 small goats and 186 chicks were born thanks to the technical support provided by HPP-Congo to young farmers in the breeding of goats and chickens.



Speaking of the processing of agricultural products, 4 cassava retting tanks all in concrete of 3 cubic meters each and 5 collective drying areas of 5 square meters each were built.



400 tree seedlings of which 100 of moringa and 300 of fruit trees (orange, mandarin, avocado, jackfruit) were distributed and planted in households of these young people.




The positive impact of the activities implemented by this project contributes in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):



News from the projects

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