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The graduation ceremony for the 5th promotion (2017-2019) of DNS Mbankana, the Rural primary schools Teachers Training college was held on Saturday, July 13, 2019. It was chaired by the Honorable Charles MBUTAMUNTU DUANGA, Provincial Minister of Relations with the Parliament, Education, Mines, Hydraulic Resources and Spokesman of the Government of Kinshasa.



In addition to the Honorable Charles MBUTAMUNTU, several personalities attended to this ceremony rich in sounds and colors. They were respectively, Mr. Robert KONGI ILUNGOMU Provincial Director of the EPSP / Kin-Tshangu, Mr. François Xavier MUBAY MUBAY Provincial Inspector Kin-Tsangu, The Provincial Director SECOPE Kin / Tshangu, officials from the Maluku Educational branch, SECOPE Mbankana branch, UNESCO representative, the headman of the Mbankana chiefdom, the head of Mbankana District, the National Director of HPP-Congo, HPP-Congo staff, principals and primary school teachers working in collaboration with the DNS school and family members of the laureates.



The event started with the national anthem sung by the all, followed by the welcome song of the 5th promotion choir. The Director of HPP-Congo will then take the floor to welcome everyone, present the organization she presides over and congratulate the students and teachers of the school for their efforts.

Mr. Robert KONGI ILUNGOMU Provincial Director of the EPSP / Kin-Tshangu will then intervene to thank the Minister for his presence, not without praising the idea and the philosophy of the DNS which is aligned with the objectives of the Ministry of Primary, Secondary and Professional  Education (MEPSP) aiming at the professionalization of education to improve the quality of learning in primary school. 

The cherry on the cake during the intervention of the Provincial Director of EPSP / Kin-Tshangu was the announcement of the immediate recrutement of the 22 new teachers in the primary schools of his Educational Province from the beginning of the school year 2019-2020


Lets remind ourselves that this is the first time since the creation of DNS Mbankana in 2012 that a full promotion is recruted by the Ministry of Education straight after the completion of their training.

Minister Charles MBUTAMUNTU DUANGA will took the floor as the last person to thank HPP-Congo for the creation of the DNS Mbankana because he ensures that he is pleasantly surprised by what he has seen and listened to about the institution and promises to inform the Governor of Kinshasa Province about the good experience he went through. He also reassured the Director of HPP-Congo that the Provincial Government of Kinshasa will support her Association in improving the quality of education in rural areas.



After the words of the Minister, the personalities present proceeded to the delivery of 4 documents to each of the teachers namely: the certificate of end of training and the statement delivered by the DNS Mbankana, the certificate of Professional Aptitude and the recrutement and transfer document to primary schools of the EPSP / Kin-Tshangu Provincial Education.





he ceremony will end with a guided tour of the DNS Mbankana facilities by the Minister Charles MBUTAMUNTU DUANGA and the personalities present.



The positive impacts of the activities implemented by DNS Mbankana contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

 SDG1  SDG4  SDG5  SDG10



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