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This project was launched in Kinshasa in 2008 to contribute to the financing of HPP-Congo’s development projects. The shops sell clothes and shoes collected by the member associations of the Federation Humana People to People in Europe. Today HPP-Congo has 9 shops in Kinshasa shops and employs more than 50 persons.
The shops serve several goals including:
* Creation of jobs for people
* Contribution to the self-financing of development projects in the DRC
* Access to quality clothing at an affordable price.
The Congolese Government has supported this activity through tax exemption from customs duties to support that the surplus from the sale supports the development projects of HPP-Congo.


The shop manager in each shop is responsible for achieving the goal each month. Each small shop has 3 or 4 employees and each larger shop has 6-8 employees.
All shops operate with a 4 week system. The shops receive new stock at the beginning of each month. The clothes are categorized and the prices are set according to their quality. At the beginning of month, the fashionable clothes are sold at affordable prices while at the end of the cycle, all clothes are on sale so all clothes are sold by the end of the month, so the shop is ready to receive new stock in the following month.
In 2012 and 2013 the sale has gone up clothes and more customers visit the shops to buy good clothes at affordable prices.


The shops are situated at the following addresses:
- In front of the Presidential Gallery,
- On Avenue d’Equateur
- At the roundabout of Forescom
- On the Avenue de Commerce,
- On the Avenue de l’Ecole
- On Avenue de Huilleries
- At Kintambo
- At Avenue de Plateau
- At Avenue de……


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