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Training of teachers for rural primary schools with support from the OPEC Fund for International

Development (OFID)

The Teachers training college DNS Mbankana has received a two years financial support from OFID since November 2015. These funds have been of major importance in carrying out activities of the school and have been used respectively for:

Pedagogical practice: This exercise, which conciliates theory with practice, allowed 35 students, including 14 girls deployed in 4 primary schools in Mbankana, to practice for 11 weeks. Each student gave 2 lessons a day for 5 days, meaning 3850 lessons to more than 800 students. The students produced didactic materials to use in the form of posters explaining the human body, how a plant grows, animals and letters, sticks to learn to count and geometric figures for the lessons of mathematics. They also took the pupils out of their classroom to learn about nature, to discuss with the people in the community, and so on.

 Pricile reading outside with her class 20161007 094923 350 x 197  Emmanuel during Its Show Time at DNS explaining about the plants IMG 20160608 105520 270 x 203


Community actions and campaigns: 2 clean-up actions on the Mbankana market and the main road linking the village to the rest of the country have been organized and the traders from whom most waste originated were mobilized to keep the environment clean by organizing bi-weekly hygiene and sanitation actions.

1035 families and 44 teachers were sensitized by the students' radio broadcasts programs as well as a door-to-door mobilization on gender equality, in particular the importance of sending girls to school. 4 campaigns involving 3375 people were carried out on the prevention of waterborne diseases, HIV / AIDS and malaria.

On March 8, 2016, 250 girls and women from the community were invited to the DNS School to celebrate the International Women's Day under the theme "Engagement for Parity". The event was punctuated by galvanizing speeches and poems about women and educational plays on the central role of women in our society.

20160808 visit botanical garden and learn 350 x 197 300 x 169  20160808 114636 visit botanical garden 350 x 197 300 x 169 


Travel period: During the whole month of August 2016, students and teachers have implemented the "Learn to Travel and Travel to Learn" program, which aims to learn about the country and work with the poor. This month's journey took them to the province of Kongo-Central. The trip was of importance for the students because they have learnt a lot. During the course of this journey, a nursery of 3600 trees for reforestation was set up by the students in collaboration with the farmers in the Kavwaya and Kingombe villages of Madimba territory. They also sensitized 1253 families on gender issues, prevention methods and first aid for recurrent diseases in their environment, such as malaria, cholera and typhoid. They visited the embouchure of the Congo River in the Atlantic Ocean and learnt how this incredible amount of water from the Congo River mixes with the salty water from the Atlantic Ocean. They lived in peasant households and worked with them in their farms. The list of activities carried out during this trip is far from exhaustive.

20160830 seeing the ocean for the first time during national travel 350 x 197 300 x 169  Explanations at the mausoleum of Laurent Kabila former president 20160806 100316 350 x 197 300 x 169


The OPEC Fund

The OPEC Fund for the International Development (OPEC) is the inter-governmental development finance institution established in 1976 by the OPEC member states. OFID was conceived at the Conference of Sovereigns and Heads of State of OPEC Member Countries held in Algeria in March 1975.

OFID's objective is to strengthen financial cooperation between OPEC member countries and other developing countries by providing them with financial support for their socio-economic development, and above all to promote the South-South partnership with other developing countries in the world, with the aim of eradicating poverty. The headquarters of OFID is located in Vienna, Austria.

20160809 making nursery for tree planting with farmers during national travel 350 x 197



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