Young Women Skills Training Program in Selembao

Started in October 2015, the project “Young Women Skills Training Program in Selembao” contributes to the empowerment of the women of the municipality of Selembao through their training in Hairdressing & Esthetics, Literacy and life skills education through lessons on sexual and reproductive health, HIV/Aids and savings. Each of the young women being trained saved up to 50% of the amount necessary for the purchase of the basic equipment needed for their self-employùent.


Designed for a period of three years and financed by SYMPANY, the project's activities are geared towards the training and insertion of 750 young women divided respectively into: 300 in entrepreneurship, 200 in literacy and 250 sewing. The young women trained in sewing will receive support for their insertion into the socio-professional life as well. Similarly, 200 children from 4 to 5 are improving their language and discover the worlds of letters, numbers, colors and explore other areas of learning such as perceiving, feeling, imagining, creating, etc.
DOVER COMESTICS LTD has also funded the training in Hairdressing and Esthetics of 23 girls from Selembao.
This training of women aims at their participation in the economic life because the increase of their power of action in this field is essential to allow them to have a more increased responsibility, the control of their life in order to exert an influence within of their community.

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